I Dream of a World

Recently, life for everyone has taken a wild turn. A turn that nobody was anticipating. And I think that in such times, everyone can do with all the hope that they can get. Being hopeful can help us as individuals, families and communities stay calm, strong and determined in the face of undesirable things.

So, here’s a little poem that I wrote to help you, me and others see the light amidst all this darkness. The light that will eventually help make the world a better place for all kinds of mortals.

I Dream of a World

I dream of a world
where we all unite in pride,
where out of fear, no one should hide.

I dream of a world
where the labels can be dropped,
and the judgements and indifferences can be stopped.

I dream of a world
where everyone puts down their firearms,
where animals can roam about without torture, negligence or alarm.

I dream of a world
where all children can be saved from hunger and starvation,
where together all of us can build a stronger nation.

I dream of a world
with clearer water, fresher air and climate unchanged,
where laws of the environment are not infringed.

I dream of a world
where justice and integrity prevails,
and compassion and love persists without fail.

I dream of a world where
each of us we have a choice,
each of us we have a voice.
where one doesn’t hate because of gender, religion or race,
where there’s real hope that one day,
the world will be a safer place.

I do hope that at some point, this dream becomes a reality. A reality in which all of us are kind, compassionate people who love, nurture and support one another. A reality in which we don’t only think of ourselves but lend our hand to the helpless too.

This world wasn’t only created for us. It was made for all kinds of creatures and individuals. There are approximately 8.7 million different species on this planet right now, so let’s not act like this world was only made for humans. Let’s respect each other and just spread love and positivity!!

I’d like to leave you with this beautiful quote:

“Ah, kindness. What a simple way to tell another struggling soul that there is love to be found in this world.”

~Starry thoughts.

3 thoughts on “I Dream of a World

  1. Beautifully written Miss Juhi….

    Hope is a powerful word and one day this world will be a better place to live in..

    I always wait for your thoughts and vision, they always succeed in impressing me.

    They say a pen is stronger than a sword— if you keep sharing your thoughts like this, the impact will be strong enough to make people realise the truth.

    Keep writing, keep shining.


    Liked by 1 person

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