Casteism: India’s Age-Old Villain?

Casteism; prejudice or discrimination on the grounds of caste. That is what casteism is. And, Dalits, sadly, have been oppressed throughout the recorded history of India. They’ve been relegated to doing agricultural tasks as well as polluted occupations like disposing of dead bodies, cleaning toilets, sewage and more. They have been stripped of their dignity […]

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I Dream of a World

Recently, life for everyone has taken a wild turn. A turn that nobody was anticipating. And I think that in such times, everyone can do with all the hope that they can get. Being hopeful can help us as individuals, families and communities stay calm, strong and determined in the face of undesirable things. So, […]

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3 Movies That Changed Me

Isn’t it something that from the mere comfort of your couch and from the mere press of a button on a remote, you can be transported to a whole new world? Doesn’t it feel…magical? That’s what movies are like for me; magic. Well, even books. I love how they can transport me to another world, […]

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Be a Luna Lovegood

Gulping Gargoyles! I can’t believe I finally did this! I finally started a blog! But, truthfully, I have zero intentions of following a certain direction regarding what I’ll be posting. It isn’t going to be specific like fashion or food or anything of that sort. I’m just someone who happens to think too much about […]

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