3 Movies That Changed Me

Isn’t it something that from the mere comfort of your couch and from the mere press of a button on a remote, you can be transported to a whole new world? Doesn’t it feel…magical?

That’s what movies are like for me; magic. Well, even books. I love how they can transport me to another world, a world that can feel very realistic and very much like a figment of my imagination at the same time.

In the past year, I’ve been watching so many more movies than I normally do. And it’s opened a lot of new interpretative angles and understanding for me.
So, on that very note, here are three movies that are super close to my heart and have made me think in different yet pretty similar ways:

  1. Queen (2014)

This movie was the perfect blend of comedy and self-discovery. What really got to me in the movie was the beauty showed behind discovering, accepting and loving yourself.

The way Rani goes for her honeymoon all by herself is so thought-provoking and inspiring. Her character makes me believe. Makes me believe that you don’t need a prince-charming to have a fairytale and that you don’t need a specific partner to enjoy life and be content. All you really need is a little courage and a little curiosity to step into the wild world and take over it. Seeing the curiosity and wonder in her eyes and the urge to know more about her own self is so impressive too.

Her journey is truly awe-inspiring and makes me realize that I can’t just wait for happiness to find me, I’ve got to go find it myself. I’ve got to live life on my own terms and not on the ones penned down by society.  

It’s hard to turn these words into reality. But this movie helps instill a truckload of courage in me.

Another scene that I really, really loved was when Rani had to fight off a thug in the middle of an isolated street at night. All by herself. I mean, to have that kind of spontaneity and courage to do it all by herself, especially in an unknown, new country is just so awesome and so heroic!

It showed me that in order to navigate through life, you just need some self-confidence, some hope and some courage.

Rani didn’t let anything pull her down. Even after her marriage crumbled, she set off on a solo honeymoon. And she had the best time of her life. And if that doesn’t speak volumes, I don’t know what does.

A picture of one of my favorite scenes from the movie

2. 127 Hours (2010)

This movie was so terrifying and nerve-racking to watch but also so, so inspirational and revitalizing.
From the moment Aron got trapped in the canyon to the moment (SPOILER AHEAD) he decided to amputate his arm, I was a complete bundle of nerves!

It was daunting but also so motivating to see how Aron was trying his level best to hold onto every ounce of remaining hope that he had…to survive.
From this movie I got one of my favorite quotes; to die is easy. But you have to struggle for life.

And that is so true. Living life isn’t easy, it takes a hell of a lot of effort, hope and resolution but in the end…it is always worth it. Seeing Aron go through this big boulder of a problem (see what I did there?) really instilled a strong fire in me, a fire to live fiercely, a fire to live boldly, a fire to live adventurously but with a pinch of caution and a fire to live courageously because in the end that is what we’re on this planet for…to live. To not give up. To keep fighting. For ourselves and for this life.

Aron’s urge to survive and his urge to do whatever has to be done (even if its reaching for desperate measures) is so uplifting and crazy!!

So I’m just going to leave you with this: I’m never travelling anywhere alone. Ever. 🙈😂

Oh yeah and this too:
Strength grows in the moments when you think you can’t go on but you keep going anyway.

3. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara (2011)

I need to say this: wHaT a FiLm!
This is one of my personal favorites ever, not only is it the perfect amalgamation of comedy, romance, drama and self-realization, but it’s also inadvertently taught me so many things.
The title of the movie highlights the movie’s central message: you’ve only got one shot at life.
And obviously that means that you’ve got to live life to the fullest.

Well, sometimes, whenever I’d over-stress or worry about small things, I’d constantly think about how life is bigger than the constant worrying and should be lived for more than that. For more than all the worries, the doubts, the stress, the drama. It should be lived the way you want. On your own terms. Happily, excitedly, adventurously. Thinking about this movie always gives me lots of hope and encouragement to listen to my heart.

The movie also taught me that you get to live this wonderful human life only once so do what pleases you and not what pleases others, do things that make you get tears in your eyes (in a good way) and not ONLY what helps you survive.

Seeing each of the 3 main characters gradually face their fears and overcome them gracefully also made me want to believe in myself, in what I want and to chase my dreams. Like, Imraan (Farhan Akhtar) decided to finally meet his father as well as decided to publish his poems, Arjun (Hrithik Roshan) stopped obsessing over his job and learned to REALLY live and Kabir (Abhay Deol) got out of a relationship he didn’t want (faced reality). The way each of them emotionally got through each of their personal problems is really commendable.

Another thing that this movie made me value were my friends. I mean, with friends, life is simply more awesome. You can do crazy things, say crazy things and act crazy together and it’ll only add more masala and thrill to your life!

Lastly, this movie taught me one more thing: Spain is an awesome place for a bachelor/bachelorette party. Sooo, I’m definitely going there. With my friends. To do crazy things. And get all the ZNMD feels I can.

So, if you’re sitting at home wondering what to watch next and if you haven’t watched any of these movies, then please, please do! Each one is so amazing and so different in their own way.

At the end of the day, everyone finds solace and comfort in cinema, books and fiction. And that’s all that really matters.

Thank you so much for reading!
~Starry thoughts

3 thoughts on “3 Movies That Changed Me

  1. I really enjoyed how you have weaved a common thread between these movies – live life courageously and fully. and this is indeed an amazing quote – ‘my favorite quotes; to die is easy. But you have to struggle for life.’
    loving your blog post 🙂

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